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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1896-1897-748

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clviii CLOTIlWOKKlStts' and samerooke exhibitions IX -piatljemattc See the Papers set in this subject for the Entrance י Scholarships II -jfffledjamc For Clothworlcers Science Exhibition only Explain how to determine the acceleration due to the force of gravity by means of an Atwood's machine The two scale pans in an Atwood's machine each has mass of grammes divide 2375 grammes into two parts so that when placed one in each pan they may move through 16 feet in seconds 32 State the Second LaAv of Motion Apply it to find the acceleration and tension of the string when weight descending on smooth inclined plane draws up another weight vertically Find them when one weight is three times the other and the plane inclined at 30 to the horizon If the measure of certain force in British absolute units be 56 what will be its measure when cwt is the unit of mass yard the unit of length and minute the unit of lime State the laws of impact of imperfectly-elastic bodies mass of lbs strikes horizontal plane with velocity of 20 feet per second at an angle of 30 to the vertical its coefficient of elasticity is find its velocity and direction after the impact cord foot long is fastened at points and Β inches apart in horizontal line At points feet from and feet from Β on the cord weights are attached what must be tne ratio of the weights that the cord between them may be horizontal Find the position of the centre of gravity of three rods of and feet forming triangle
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