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WARNEFORD SCHOLARSHIPS ETC civ The vertical section of mountain is an arc subtending 8a at the centre of circle radius the chord of the arc being on the horizontal surface of the earth Prove that the point that appears to be the top as seen from distance tan from the foot is halfway up Express sin 2n in ascending powers of sin θ where η is an integer Find the value of 91 ac rds at £55 155 8d per acre using decimal fractions If cubic decimeter weighs kilogram what is the size of cube that weighs milligram Prove that the difference between the reciprocals of two consecutive numbers is the reciprocal of their product man buys 60 tons of coal and selling at Is 56 sack gains £5 6s 8d if he had sold at Is Ad he would have lost £1 6s 8d What is the weight of sack 10 train takes 12 minutes to go between two stopping stations for the first mile it is uniformly increasing its speed for the last mile it is uniformly decreasing it for the intervening distance it goes at full speed of 40 miles per hour How far apart are the stations 11 Calculate to the nearest £ the compound interest on £15625 at per cent per annum paid quarterly 12 dealer buys cattle for £3 300 and incurs expenses of £14 head per cent of them die and he sells the remainder for £12 650 making profit of 15 per cent on his outlay Plow many did he buy and at what price per head did 118 sell them III -endta No more than questions to be attempted Candidates for Warneford Scholarship and Sambroole Exhi- bitlon are expected to answer questions 1-6 Candidates for Science Exhibition questions 3-8 Candidates for Engineering Entrance Exhibition questions 5-10 Stale the proposition upon which the mode of measur- ing the area of triangle is based
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