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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1896-1897-744

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cllV WARNEFORD SCHOLARSHIPS ETC ax by by £ bc4r -----1 BJs pace uphill is of f's each man goes down twice as fast as he goes up Β starts an hour before and waits half an hour for him on the top of hill five miles long What start must Β now have that they may arrive home together If the roots of x2 Vx f0 are rm the equation of which the roots are £ β If A2 are two Arithmetic and £Γ2 two Harmonic means between two quantities prove that A19A2J Hv H2 are in proportion How many words can be made with five consonants and three vowefs so that no two vowels come together What is the sum of the series "8 2r to infinity II -Erigtmometn anti &n'tf 11uttc Candidates for Warneford Scholarships and Sambroohe Exhibition omit Questions 1-5 Define accurately the cosine of an angle Examine under what circumstances cos 2A or cos Calculate cos 22 to places of decimals Prove geometrically or otherwise that tan tan tan tan tan What inference can be drawn if tan tan Β Obtain an expression for the area of triangle the sides of which are Shew that of all triangles of given perimeter the equi- lateral has the greatest area
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