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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1896-1897-737

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WARNEFORD SCHOLARSHIPS cxlvii potostis omni aditu pracsepto iis utimini teetibus appro- pinquare eorum adventum cujus rei timore cxterriti diem noctemque in opere versantur Quid ergo mei consilii est Write this in Oratio Obliqua Translate with explanations where necessary amplius viginti urbes-prope aequo Marte-iter muni re- proditionis insimulare-re integra-passis manibus-proximis comitiis-omissis pilis-commeatus-compendium-auditio י What is the force of the preposition in depugno- praevertor-praeustus-subtrahere-excubare-obtinere Explain the following terms antepilani-cohortes alariae-agmen quadratum-quincunx-porta decumana- vineae- plutei-scorpio What changes were made by Marius in the organisation of the Roman legion Describe the career of Caesar up to the commencement of the Gallic Avar When did he write his Commentaries By whom were they completed Explain the distribution of the principal races and tribes in Gaul and the political division of the country under Augustus Translate into Latin It matters to others more than to me False witnesses are often believed Cicero and were living at Brundisium for many months They say that if the general had been in the camp the enemy would not have taken it will take care that no one hinders me from going to the camp Consider who you are and what you can do When was boy wished to be soldier -Zcnopijon Btllmica IV Translate Ύεως μεν ονν 01 Αακεδαιμόνιοι ουκ ησθάνοντο προσ- ιόντων των πολεμίων και yap ην λάσιον το χωρίον επει δ' παιάνισαν τότε δη έγνωσαν και ενθνς άντιπαρτ' γγειλαν απαντάς διασκενάζεσθαι ως εις μάχ ν επει δε ξννετάχθησαν ώς εκάστους 01 ξεναγοί έταξαν παρηγγνησαν μεν άκολονθεΐν τω ηγονμενω ηγον δε και 01 Αακεδαψόνιοι επι τα δεξιά και
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