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cxlii WARNEFORD SCHOLARSHIPS II -Bt JHattijrh pel Who was St Matthew What is known of his life What is the evidence both external and internal that the Gospel was written by him What are the main characteristics of this Gospel as distinguished from those of St Mark and St Luke Show its special fitness as an account of the Gospel for the Jews Give an analysis of the Sermon on the Mount Explain by reference to it the words He spake as one having autho- rity and not as the Scribes Explain the proclamation of our Lord that the kingdom of heaven is at hand How was the nearness of that king- dom shown by our Lord's acts and words Enumerate the parables recorded by St Matthew in chapter xiii What are the chief characteristics of the king- dom of heaven which they illustrate Explain the parable of the Labourer in the Vineyard and its application to the Jews in cur Lord's day On what charges was our Lord condemned to death 10 What accounts does St Matthew give of the appear- ance of our Lord after His resurrection III -ttfefpp Kutler'4 311al0fl Part II For Warneford Prizes only State the reasons Butler gives to show the importance of Christianity How does Butler meet the objection that there is some peculiar presumption from analogy against miracles Is his argument in any particular open to criticism How does he apply the consideration that we are in- capable of judging what were to be expected in revelation Illustrate the truth that Christianity is scheme or constitution imperfectly comprehended and point out the consequences which follow from this truth Show that the analogy of nature removes all presump- tion against the mediation of Christ
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