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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1896-1897-723

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FACULTY OF SCIENCE CXXXUi diagonally chains and mark on it distance of mile furlongs chains Print carefully and space out judiciously in three lines the words Price list agricultural and other machinery Messrs Sisson and Bowman 10 Give clear explanation and sketches where necessary of twelve geometrical terms XX Mineralogy anfc eeologi ×™ FIRST YEAR Give general idea of the crystallographic systems What are pinacoids and domes Represent these by Naumann's symbols Describe the method for obtaining the formula of specific gravity In taking specific gravity what precau- tions have to be used in order to avoid error glacial boulder was found to contain 605 cubic feet of rock By breaking off small fragment its specific gravity was discovered to be 262 If cubic foot of water weighs 6232 pounds what was the weight of the boulder Show the use of the streak plate What is Moh's scale of hardness Mention substitute What is the meaning of the terms cleavage- fracture-pseudomorph-lustre Name the varieties of the latter word If an unknown mineral were placed before you what steps would you take to learn its name Explain the terms dip-outcrop-hade-strike Draw diagram representing an inlier and an outlier What causes have produced these modifications of the beds What are synclinal and anticlinal folds Give examples of high ground in which these can be observed How was the high ground brought about
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