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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1896-1897-721

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FACULTY OF SCIENCE CXXXL touching sides AB and BD draw circle having radius of If ratchet-wheel has 14 straight-line teeth and diameter of 4" The bases of the teeth are on circle of 3" diameter The wheel has thickness of and is pierced by circular shaft of diameter This shaft is in length and pro- jects equally on each side of the wheel Represent wheel and shaft in front and side elevation circular slab of diameter and 2" thickness has its axis horizontal The slab is so inclined from us that the narrowest measurement of the resulting ellipse is distance of 2'' Draw this slab in plan and elevation cheese 18" diameter and 9" high rests on one of its circular ends and five cuts perpendicular to the table on which it rests divide it up into as many equal portions Take out one of these and let it rest on one of its rectangular sides its thinnest portion turned from us and making angle of 45 with Give plan and elevation Scale one-fourth the real size Construct scale of 2י to the yard to show yards feet and diagonally inches Mark off on the scale distances of and Explain the meaning and make sketches where neces- sary of rolling parallel-pitch-bevel-trammel-road-pen -stencil-plate-horn centre-section pen-tridecagon If you had blackboard wide and T-square long how would you with geometric accuracy draw straight line across your board Print carefully and space out judiciously in three lines the words Messrs Sloss and Singer agents for Messrs Cuthbertson's sanitary appliances 112 Curzon Road Leeds 10 Construct an irregular heptagon ABCDEFG from the following conditions ΑΒ ψ BC 2"9 AC 3" CD AD i" DE ΑΕ ψ EF Z' AF FG AG 2f י
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