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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1896-1897-720

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cxxx FACULTY OF SCIENCE may be two inches when running at 300 revolutions per minute If 1G lias to be transmitted by shaft and belting over equal pulleys what should be the minimum tension and the minimum width of the belt the diameter of the pulleys being 14 inches and the speed 100 revolutions per minute What are the laws which govern the friction between lubricated surfaces flywheel weighing tons has mean radius of 10 feet The wheel is carried on shaft of 12 inches diameter and runs at 75 revolutions per minute How many revolutions will the wheel make before stopping if the coeflicient of friction of the shaft in its י bearing is Ό65 Sketch and describe the feathering paddle-wheel Show what the effect of feathering is upon the efficiency of the paddle If propeller of 169 feet pitch and 13 feet diameter run at 100 revolutions per minute with slip of 15 per cent what will be the speed of the ship and what the thrust of the propeller 10 What are the data necessarj7 for determining the heat balance of gas-engine Why is water jacket used and what is the proportion of the whole heat which is thrown away in the jacket XVIII -instrumental JBraluing FIRST YEAR Draw an isosceles triangle having its equal sides each 4" long and the angle contained by them 100 Within this triangle place two equal circles each touching the other and two sides of the triangle Construct quadrilateral ABCD AB being long AC ψ CD 3" BD 5" and diagonal BC 5" Within it and
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