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FACULTY OF SCIENCE CXX1X Sketch and describe as fully as you can one of the following types of boilers Marine wet backed Locomotive Lancashire Water tube If an engine uses 14 lbs of dry steam per IHP per hour and the efficiency of the boiler is 70 per cent what would be the consumption of coal per IHP per hour The temperature of evaporation 361 and the feed tempera- ture 100 XVII -jffflecfyamral Srugt'nmtng THIRD YEAR lb of dry saturated steam at 1458 lbs pressure absolute volume 3O57 temp 356 expands adiabatic- ally until its volume is 12 cub feet Find the final pressure work done and steam liquified during expansion What would be the efficiency of an engine working with feed temperature of 108 and using 147 lbs of steam per per hour the initial temperature of the steam being 380 The outside lap of slide valve is inch the lead is inch and the maximum opening of the steam port is inch Find the throw of the eccentric and the angle of advance Describe the construction and method of working of either the Hack worth or Joy valve gear and give line diagram State the advantages and disadvantages of the one you choose If the diameter of circular orifice in the bottom of hydraulic tank is inches what head of water must there be in the tank to discharge 60 gallons per minute The edges of the orifice may be considered sharp and frictionless What must be the load on the arms of governor of which the balls weigh lbs each in order that its height
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