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faculty of science CXXV11 State what practical points struck you in connection with your visit to the and Railway works in course of execution at St John's Wood What main points have to be kept in view in deciding upon source of water supply to town circular tank 12 feet internal diameter and 10 feet deep has to bellied with water flowing from pipe inches in diameter running full bore with velocity of feet second How long will it take to fill the tank 10 Designs for the following works previously prepared masonry dam-stone and concrete pier-service reservoir- wrought iron bridge-diagram of flow in sewer XV Electrical Engineering Give definition of the practical unit of resistance as legalised by the Board of Trade State its value in terms of the British Association ohm and give the limit of accuracy for the measurement of resistance as specified by the Board of Trade What do you understand by the "leakage coefficient" of dynamo What bearing has it upon the design of the dynamo and how would you determine it How would you determine the electrical efficiency of given compound dynamo Point out the advantages and disadvantages of the differential test for efficiency as taught you in the laboratory What do you understand by armature reaction in the case of direct current dynamo Give an example showing how you would deal with it in particular case Describe with sketch the mechanism of the Siemens Differential Arc Lamp State the requirements of good arc lamp and show how you would test it In the case of an alternate current transformer in action on open circuit deduce from first principles the equa- tion connecting potential of supply induction and the
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