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cxxiv FACULTY OF SCIENCE tion of an iron stanchion against party wall in shop and show pilaster sash stall board and fascia and cornice 11 Give an elevation of wood dado and door to Public Room showing an enlarged detail of the several joints and framings 12 Give an enlarged sketch plan and and section through Venetian sash frame in an 18" wall showing the sashes double hung in centre and fixed at sides fitted with window back and lifting shutters Mark on the several scantlings you would use 13 wood beam constructed of two 14" 4" timbers having 1" wrought iron flitch between has been placed across 12 feet opening state what is the safe distributed load it should bear 14 girder wood over clear space of 20 feet has two binders secured thereto feet 8" from either end each binder transmits'a load of tons to the girder What should be the section of the girder 15 Taking Roman and Portland cement state which of the two is the heavier darker in colour quicker in setting and stronger when set also state for what purpose each is best adapted and how you wT0uld determine its quality 16 Having obtained specimens of limestones said to pro- duce good hydraulic limes explain how you would test them and class their products under the several heads of feebly י moderately and 44eminently hydraulic limes 17 Explain what are fixtures and give illustrations as to how they would affect your valuation in business and in private premises 18 Define the following and give illustrations showing the application of each Easement 1' Dominant Tene- ment Ci Servient Tenement XII Ctfot'I £ngtnmtncj FIRST YEAR rectangular field has sides chains and chains respectively How many acres are there in it
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