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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1896-1897-708

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CXV111 FACULTY OF SCIENCE Find the relation between the power and weight on the third system of pulleys where all the strings are attached to cross-bar supporting the weight If there are strings and the pulleys are equal find the position on the cross-bar where the weight should be attached 10 State the laws which are found to hold when two Ik"" imperfectly elastic spheres of small size strike one another directly Two perfectly elastic spheres whose masses are and meet when moving in opposite directions with velocities of and respectively find their velocities after impact Vin -jHec$nnu mm φ Λ SECOND AND THIRD YEARS Explain the meaning of the equation 2ע- V2 shewing how it is obtained and stating the laws on which it is founded balloon is ascending vertically with velocity which ן is increasing at the rate of feet per second per second find the apparent weight of lb weighed in the balloon by means of spring balance From parallelogram whose sides are 12 and feet similar parallelogram whose sides are and feet is cut away from one corner find the position of the centre of gravity of the remainder chain 12 feet long has mass of 10 lbs per foot determine the number of units of work required to wind up the first feet of it Divide the chain into parts so that the winding up of each may require the same number of units of work Prove that if surface be described by the revolution of plane curve round an axis fixed in its plane the area of the surface is found by multiplying the length of the curve into the length of the path described by its centre of gravity
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