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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1896-1897-707

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VII IWtcJamc FIRST YEAR Explain the principle of Attwood's Machine Two scale-pans each of mass oz are suspended by weightless string over smooth pulley mass of 10 oz is placed in one and oz in the other find the tension of the string and the pressure on each scale-pan balloon ascends with uniform velocity for seconds and stone let fall from it reaches the ground in seconds find the velocity of the balloon and the height from which the stone fell The ends of two cords are fastened at two points in the same horizontal line 15 centimetres apart smooth ring whose mass is 10 grammes carrying mass of 15 grammes is attached to the other ends of the cords which are and 12 centimetres in length and the angle between them is 90 Find the tensions in the cords Distinguish between mass and weight mass of 30 lbs is placed on lift which is made to descend with uniform acceleration of 20 feet per second per second find the pressure on the lift during the descent What is meant by the centre of gravity of body Find its position in the case of three uniform rods of the same material and size joined together in the form of triangle uniform plate of metal inches square has hole inches square cut out of it at one corner find the position of the centre of gravity of the remainder Shew how to find the magnitude and direction of the resultant of two like parallel forces acting on body Prove that the moment of their resultant about any point is equal to the algebraic sum of their moments about the same point uniform beam whose mass is 10 lbs rests with one end on smooth plane inclined at 30 to the horizon and he other against smooth vertical wall find the pressures on the wall and on the plane
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