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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1896-1897-706

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cxvi FACULTY OF SCIENCE Determine the coefficient of increase of pressure of air at constant volume Determine the hygrometric state of the air by Dine's or by Daniell's hygrometer Find the exact melting point of the given solid Find the wave-length in air of the note emitted by the given tuning-fork Find the focal length of concave mirror Find the radii of curvature of biconvex lens by the spherometer 10 Measure the refracting angle of the given prism י VI -practical φ$2 ύ THIRD YEAR Determine the specific gravity of sand by means of the balance Determine the value of ltg" by means of the simple pen- dulum Find Young1 modulus for the given wire Find the coefficient of expansion of air under constant pressure Determine the specific heat of the metal supplied Find the focal length of the given lens on the bank and deduce the refractive index of the glass by measurement of the curvature of the faces of the lens by the spherometer Find the angle of the given prism and the angles of minimum deviation for sodium and for lithium light Find the constant of the galvanometer by observation of the heat produced in measured resistance in given time Compare the values of the F's of the three cells supplied either by the Quadrant Electometer or by Clark's method 10 Determine the absolute value of the capacity of the condenser 11 Determine the dip by the dip-circle 12 Compare the velocity of sound in brass and in glass
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