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CX1V FACULTY OF SCIENCE IV -sijpa'c SECOND YEAR Not more than 10 questions to be attempted Define the coefficient of linear expansion of solid Describe an accurate method of determining this co- efficient stating clearly the measurements required for the determination י Λ 7- י Explain the difference between saturated and non- saturated vapour Define cdew point7 and describe method of determining 1r What is meant by the statement -the latent heat of steam is 536 How many grammes of steam must be condensed in calorimeter whose water equivalent is 10 containing 490 grammes of water at 10 in order that the resulting temperature of the calorimeter may be 36 Describe the process of boiling Give reasons why change of pressure should influence the boiling point and describe experiments illustrating the fact Describe the Siren and explain how the pitch of note may be determined by means of it What is meant by the wave-length of note and how may it be determined when the pitch is known rod clamped in the centre is rubbed longitudinally Explain the manner in which it vibrates Explain also how the velocity of sound in the rod may be compared with the velocity in air Enunciate the laws of refraction Shew that ray of light will pass through plate of glass with parallel faces without altering its direction small object is placed in front of convex lens at distance of twice the focal length at distance of half the focal length Explain carefully and illustrate by diagram how the image may be constructed in each case Compare also the sizes of the images Explain how the angle of prism may be measured on spectrometer
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