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FACULTY OF SCIENCE CXI11 foot-lbs and if the fractional resistance be equal to an opposing force of 100 lbs weight find how far it will go before coming to rest What is meant by total pressure and resultant pressure due to liquid rectangular block of wood 36 ins by 16 ins by ins of specific gravity two-thirds floats on water find the total and resultant pressures cb ft of water weighs 000 ozs tube contains oil of specific gravity 075 on one side and salt solution of specific gravity Γ2 on the other side what are the heights of the two columns when there is difference of level of one foot between them Describe Nicholson's hydrometer and explain how to use it to obtain the specific gravity of small piece of solid the specific gravity of liquid which does not attack the instrument Give numerical example of case PV In perfect gas -- constant Explain the meaning of this statement and describe what experiments you would perform in order to test its truth for any actual gas ex gr air י Define the term coefficient of expansion weight thermometer contains 400 grams of mercury at on heating to 100 grams are expelled Find the coefficient of apparent expansion Distinguish between saturated vapour and gas In what way is the boiling point of liquid related 10 the pressure of its own vapour How may the former be used in finding the vapour pressure at different temperatures 10 Explain the meaning of these statements the latent heat of water is 80 units -the fusing point of tin is 230 -the specific heat of tin is 0056 Express their values when the Fahrenheit scale is employed 11 In what two respects does water differ from most other substances in regard to change of volume What experiments would you make in order to prove both of these exceptional effects
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