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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1896-1897-440

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436 EXHIBITIONS AND ĪœHOLARSHIPS The mode of formation of ova and spermatozoa in the rabbit and frog The chief stages in the development of lumbricus amphioxus frog and rabbit treated in an elementary way The origin of amnion allantois and placenta The structure and development of ovules embryo endosperm and pollen grains in angiosperms and gyinnosperms The phenomena of fertilisation and the germination of the seed Physics The subject of Physics will be treated from an experi- mental point of view The Examination will consist of Written Paper and Practical Work Questions will be set with reference to- Fundamental notions of velocity acceleration force work energy Characteristic properties of the solid liquid and gaseous forms of matter Laws of motion Centre of Gravity The simpler machines density specific gravity pressure of liquids and gases pumps siphon Elements of Heat including Thermometry expansion change of state Specific heat and latent heat Conduction convection and radiation Relation of heat and work Optics Laws of reflexion and refraction F01 nation and size of images by means of mirrors and lenses Refraction and dispersion by means of prism Simpler forms of telescope and microscope Sound Mode of propagation of sound Measurement of velocity Siren Characteristic properties of musical notes Reflexion Laws of vibration of strings and pipes Electricity and Magnetism Fractional electricity Laws of attraction and repulsion Electroscopes Potential Induction Electrophorus Condensers Simpler forms of cells Ohm's Law Electrolysis Galvano- meters Electro-magnetic induction Electric machines Induction coil
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