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NATURAL SCIENCE 165 Students who are desirous of acquiring further knowledge of any special branches have an opportunity of doing so under the superintendence of the Professor and Demonstrator Mr4ז י יי ץ Class Junior -Tuesday 11 45 -12 45 Class II Senior Tuesday and Friday 10 20-11 40 The Subjects will be arranged as follows The Use of tlie Barometer the Thermometer the Hygrometer Determination of Specific Gravities Measure- ment of volumes of Gases under varying pressures Measure- ment of Expansion of Solids Liquids and Gases Measurement of Specific and Latent Heats Measurement of conducting power of bodies for Heat Photometry Measurement 01 the Angles of Crystals and of Indices of Refraction Measurement of the Focal Lengths of Mirrors and Lenses the use of the Microscope and Spectroscope Spectrum Analysis Interference Diffraction and Polariza- tion of Light the Saccharimeter Measurement of the Strength of Sugar Solutions the Measurement of Wave- lengths Radiation Absorption and Reflection of Radiant Heat Magnetism and the making of Magnets Dia magnetism and Terrestrial Magnetism Frictiotial Electricity Manipulation of Electrical Machines and Apparatus con- nected with them Electrometers and Electroscopes Different methods of developing currents of Electricity Voltaic and Dynamic Electricity the use of Galvanometers and Electro-dynamometers Measurement of the Strength of Currents Measurement of the Electro-motive Force and Resistance of Batteries Measuring the Resistance and Capacity of Wires and Cables Electro-Magnetism Current Induction Magneto-Electric Induction the Microphone and Telephone the principles of Dynamo Electric Machines Electric Lighting Storage of Electrical Energy Absolute Measurement of Currents Resistances &c in Units Thermo-Electricity the Electric Telegraph Testing of Submarine Cables Class III-Saturday 10 15-1 This Class is in preparation for the Sc London Examination
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