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NATURAL SCIENCE 163 Lecture -Condensation of Gases and Vapours Latent Heat Dynamical Theory of Heat Heat necessary for the production of Steam-Separation of Water into its Constituents by Heat Spheroidal Condition of Liquids produced by Heat -Specific Heat Methods of Measuring the Specific Heat of Bodies High Specific Heat of Water Specific Heat of Metals Conversion of Heat into Work and of Work into Heat Mechanical Equi- valent of Heat The Steam Engine -Sources of Heat Solar Heat Heat due to Chemical Action Combustion Animal Heat Production of Heat by Pressure Friction and by Electric Currents -Conduction of Heat Good and bad Conductors Con- vection of Heat by Liquids and Gases Circulation of Liquids and Gases produced by Heat -Cooling of Bodies by Radiation Analogy between Radiant Heat and Light Laws of their Intensity Terrestrial Radiation Effect of Different Materials on Radiant Heat Transmission through Diatlier- manous Bodies Absorption of Heat 10 -Decomposition of Radiant Heat Distribution of Heat Light and Chemical Power in the Visible Spectrum Reflection of Radiant Heat from Plane and Curved Surfaces 11 -The Propagation of Light Methods of 12 Measuring its Intensity Theory of Shadows Velocity of Light Aberration The Undulatory Theory Reflection of Light from Plane and Curved Surfaces Heliostat The Refraction of Caustics formed by Reflection Total Reflection Atmo- Light spheric Refraction Prisms 13 -Measurement of Indices of Refraction Lenses Composition of White Light The Solar Spectrum The Oxy-Hydrogen Light The Electric Light
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