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Construction of Diagrams of Forces Calculation of the Pressure and Tensions on the pieces of jointed Frame- work Strength and Stiffness of Frames Beams Axles &c Bending of Beams Constrained Motion Pendulums Governors Energy of Moving Body Impact Moments of Inertia The Flywheel Heat Communication of Heat Measurement of quan- tities of Heat Specific Heat Heat of Liquefaction and Vaporization Mechanical equivalent of Heat Conversion of Heat into Work Optics Reflection and Refraction at Plane and Spherical surfaces Mirrors Lenses Application of Reflectors and Lenses to Lighthouses The Telescope as used in Surveying Microscopes Sextant Theodolite Experimental Monday and Thursday 2-3 Heat Laws of Heat Temperature Expansion Develop- ment of Heat Changes of Condition Specific and Latent Heat Conduction Convection Radiation Absorption Light Propagation of Light Intensity Velocity Re flection and Refraction Composition of Light Spectrum Analysis Absorption Sources of Light AVave Theory Interference Double Refraction Polarization Sound Production and Propagation of Sound Velocity of Transmission Reflection of Sound Pitch Vibrations of Strings Rods Plates Membranes Resonance Interference of Sound Singing Flames Electricity Statical and Dynamical Llectricity and Magnetism The Laws of Electrical Action Distribution of Electricity Electrical Induction Atmospheric Electricity Electrometers Natural and Artificial Magnets Magnetic Induction Laws of Magnetic Action Distribution of Magnetism in Magnets Armatures Terrestrial Magnetism Magnetic Declination and Dip and their Variations Magnetic Intensity Electro motive Force Primary Batteries Measurement of Currents and of Electromotive Forces Gas Batteries Batteries with Constant Currents Ohm's Law Chemical effects of Currents
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