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Spherical Trigonometry Great and Small Circles Polar Triangles Analogies with Euclid Fundamental Relations Napier's Analogies Gauss's or Delambre's Theorems Geo- metrical proofs for Right-angled Triangles Oblique-angled Triangles Ambiguous Cases Inscribed and Circumscribed Circles Spherical Excess Areas Legendre's Theorem Roy's Rule Geometrical Theorems connected with Area including Lexell's Theorem Text Books Todhunter's Spherical Trigonometry Mac- millan Casey's Longmans or McClelland and Preston's Macmillan Mensuration Measures of Length Gunter's Chain Right- angled Triangle Similar Figures Chords of Circle Chord and Height of an Arc Lengths of Sides of some Regular Polygons inscribed in Circle Circumference of Circle Arc and Angle at the Centre Measures of Area Rectangle Parallelogram Triangle Quadrilateral Trapezoid any Rectilineal Figure Circle Sector Segment Simpson's Rule Similar Figures Areas of Cylinder Cone Sphere Zone of Sphere Approximate Measurement of Areas Measures of Volume Parallelopiped Prism Cylinder Right and Oblique Pyramid Cone Frustum of Pyramid Cone or Prism Wedge Simpson's Rule Sphere Portions of Sphere Guldin's Theorem Regular Solids Algebraic Geometry Co-ordinates of Point Distances and Areas in terms of Co-ordinates Equation of Curve formation of the Equation of Curve from Geometrical Property Equations of Straight Line in various forms Problems relating to Straight Lines two or more Straight Lines Change of Axes Anharmonic Ratios Geometrical interpretation of Equations especially those of the Straight Line Circle and Conic Sections their Chords Tangents Normals and properties Theory of Harmonic Section and its applications Central and Focal properties of Conies by pure and co-ordinate Geo- metry Theory of poles and polars with respect to Conies Text Booh Smith's Conic Sections Macmillan
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