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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1896-1897-128

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efficients Permutations Combinations Binomial Theorem Homogeneous Products Partial Fractions Exponential nd Logarithmic Series Interest and Annuities Summation of Series Text Booh Smith's Algebra or Elementary Algebra Macmillan Theory of Equations Properties of Equations Trans- formation Rule of Signs Equal Roots Limits of Roots Separation of Roots Commensurable Roots Reciprocal Equations Cubics Biquadratics General Theorems Methods of Approximation Text Booh Todhunter's Theory of Equations Macmillan Determinants Elementary Notions and Definitions Signs Interchanges Addition or Subtraction of Rows or Columns Minors Addition Development Reduction and Multiplica- tion of Determinants Solution of System of Linear Equa- tions Reciprocal Determinants Text Booh Muir's Determinants Macmillan Trigonometry Units and Measures -f- and Incom- mensurable Quantities Circular and other Measures of Angles Trigonometrical Ratios and their Relations their changes as the Angle increases Complements and Supplements Sol 11 tion of Right-angled Triangles Transformations and Iden- titles Easy Equations General Expressions for all Angles with the same Trigonometrical Ratio Formulae for the Sum and Difference of two Angles and formulse deducible from them Multiple and Submultiple Angles Inverse Notation Harder Transformations and Equations Logarithms and the use of Tables Relations between the Sides and Angles of Triangle Solution of Triangles Heights and Distances Areas of Triangles and Plane Rectilineal Figures with use of Logarithms Arc of Circle Circles related to Triangle Limiting Values of sin Θ tan θ Construction of Tables Exponential and Logarithmic Series Calculation of Logarithms De Moivre's Theorem the nth roots of Exponential Values of siv and cosx Expansions Factors of x2'1 2xn cosnO Hyper- bolic Functions Summation of Series Text Booh Lock's Trigonometry Macmillan
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