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is expected that the First Division will pass this Examination at Christmas and proceed to higher work The subjects for the Second Year are Euclid VI XI 1-21 Algebra to the Binomial Theorem Elementary Trigonometry Mensuration Algebraic Geometry Straight Line and Circle The higher subjects are examined on in the Third Year Students of the First Year may answer the questions pro- posed for the Second and Third Years Students of the Second Year may answer the questions proposed for tlie Third Year It is not desired that they should limit their reading to the prescribed minimum for the Examination Subjects of lectures Arithmetic The science and art of Arithmetic including Whole Numbers and Vulgar and Decimal Fractions used accurately and approximately together with the applications of Arithmetic Text Book Barnard Smith and Hudson's Arithmetic facmillcui Euclid -IV Definitions of VI XI 1-21 The propositions of Euclid to be learnt and said or written out Exercises to be shown up Text Booh Hall and Stevens' Euclid Jlacnullan Deakins Rider Papers Macmillan Geometrical Conies Definitions more simple General Properties Parabola Ellipse Hyperbola Easy Exercises Text Book Taylor's Geometry of Conies Bell Algebra Definitions and Fundamental Laws Rule of Signs Four Simple Rules Factors 1I Fractions Simple Equations with Problems Simultaneous Equations of First Degree Remainder Theorem Powers Roots Indices Surds Quadratic Equations and Equations which can be solved like Quadratics Problems Simultaneous Quadratics Theory of Quadratics few General Theorems Ratio Proportion and Variation Progressions Indeterminate Kquations with graphical representation of their solutions Logarithms Mathematical Induction Indeterminate Co-
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