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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1893-1894-869

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FACULTY OF MEDICINE ell teristic curve of the machine Illustrate your answer by means of curves and sketch of the circuit In the design of an alternate current generator you have given revolutions per minute frequency volts mean2 on open circuit and current on full load Assuming that you know the leakage co-efficient for the type of machine in question and that the is sine function of the time how would you design suitable magnetic circuit and how would you determine the number of turns on the armature Describe in detail Lord Kelvin's Quadrant Electrometer as used in the laboratory Show how you would obtain curves of potential by means of it in conjunction with the contact-maker on the alternator Explain the use of the condenser in this experiment VII JFaatUg of ittctrtdnc SENIOR SCHOLARSHIP Describe the different forms of oedema and state how the fluid is poured out and how it may be absorbed What are the principal constituents of the fluid and how should the condition be treated Contrast syncope asphyxia and apoplexy How would you treat bad case of acute rheumatism with pericarditis Give full description of tubercle and illustrate your answer by sketching its component structural elements Give general account of sciatica and discuss the treatment Write four prescriptions for mixtures likely to relieve
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