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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1893-1894-863

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FACULTY OF SCJENCE cxlv 12 ABC is an obtuse ingle and is point Determine the position of when AB 2-33 BC 3Ί5 ABC 160 ABX 65 BOX 37 State the lengths of AX BX and CX SECOND AND THIED YEARS Draw diagonal scale of feet and inches showing 50 feet Representative fraction jjg By two marks on this scale indicate length of 37' 4" line MN long represents distance of 5720 yards Draw the scale and show by it also line OP miles furlong's Ions On base 2f" long describe an isosceles triangle of 4" side and on the opposite side of the same base describe an equilateral triangle In the resulting quadrilateral figure inscribe square having its angles in the sides of the quad- rilateral Print the following carefully giving due regard to balance spacing out &c Pumping-station main drainage works Chelmsdale Messrs Pilling and Richforth Engineers truncated cone has its axis inclined from us at 60 with the and 45 with The cone has an axis of 2J" base of 2J" diameter and upper face of ψ diameter Represent it in plan and elevation cylinder 2" diameter has its axis vertical and 5" long It penetrates sphere This latter has diameter of 3J" The centres of the sphere and of the axis of the cylinder are in the same horizontal plane from the ground and J" apart The centre of the cylinder is nearer to us and more to our left than that of the sphere and line joining the two centres would make an angle of 60 with Construct triangle having angles of 60 40 and 80 and perimeter of 8" On line AB long as base construct regular pen- tagon ABODE On sides CD and DE the sides farthest from AB construct similar pentagons Convert the eleven-sided
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