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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1893-1894-862

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cxliv FACULTY OF SCIENCE pyramid high has an octagonal base of J" side two sides of which make angle of 60 with plane making angle of 30 with the ground plane cuts the axis at its height Show plan elevation and section Construct scale of fe to show not less than 30 Con- struct triangle by this scale having its sides respectively 146 18 and'239 Construct an irregular five-sided figure under the follow- ing conditions The base AB is 165 long BC and CD are each long DE and AE each 25 long diagonals AC and AD each long Construct similar figure on line 24 long as base Explain the nature and uses of the following bordering pen road pen section pen rolling-parallel splines beam- compass cone diameterof base and height 78 is thrown on to its side the apex being towards us and the axis being at 55 with Represent it in plan and elevation and show upon it any section other than triangular Three rectangular blocks each long and having square ends of side all lie on their oblong faces rests on ground one of its long sides being at 30 with and sloping from us to the right Β rests on one of its long sides being at 45 with and sloping from us to the left rests on one of its long sides being at 60 with and sloping from us to the right The centres of the sides are in the same vertical line Scale to Represent in elevation the form of section that would result from vertical plane parallel to and passing through the centre of the blocks י' ד יי vy' 10 Two sides AB AC of triangle Β are each 1J and BC is 2" In this triangle inscribe circle produce sides AB AC indefinitely beyond Β and and describe circle that shall touch each of these "produced sides and side BC 11 Draw regular octagon having perimeter of 14 and place in it four equal circles Each circle is touched by two others and by two sides of the octagon
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