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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1893-1894-861

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FACULTY OF SCIENCE cxliii SECOND YEAR In the description of mineral what characteristics should be noted Show how these peculiarities can be determined Define pseudomorph What are the chemical composition and appearance of realgar pyrolusite and molybdenite Mention the names and give the facts relating to three of the copper ores To what crystallographic system does gold belong Was this mineral known to the ancients In what kind of rock is it most frequent How can gold be distinguished from some forms of iron pyrites Write general account of galena and refer to cerussite What shades of colour occur in the different varieties of quartz and what are the names of the latter State the appearance of cassiterite When the mineral has been reduced to metal to what uses is it applied In what respect does pyrargyrite differ from cinnabar and cuprite 10 Refer to talc and mica -Jfirftrumcntal Sraiutiig FIRST YEAR line 6" long represents yards Const uct scale of yards feet and diagonally inches and on line beneath the scale indicate distance of yaids feet inches Draw pentagon ABODE of 2f side From to- wards Î’ find point 2" from is one angle of pentagon FGHIJ Within FGHIJ draw KLMNO the sides of this atter pentagon being parallel to ABODE Print the following carefully giving due heed to balance 3pacing out &c Front and side elevation of quartz-crushing nachine-Merton's patent
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