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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1893-1894-852

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CXXX11 FACULTY OF SCIENCE neglected find the angular velocity acquired when the pulley lias made one revolution from rest Find the magnitudine and direction of the smallest force which will draw weight of 500 lbs up plane inclined 30 to the horizon where the angle of friction is weight of 50 grammes is suspended by two strings 10 cm and cm long from the two ends of straight rod cm long so that the tensions on the strings are equal find the difference of height of the two ends of the rod wall of brickwork which is feet thick at the top and feet at the bottom supports on its vertical face the pressure of water reaching to the top of the wall find the depth when the wall is on the point of being overthrown What is the form of the line of resistance in the wall regular hexagon ABC DBF is kept in equilibrium by forces at the angles acting towards the middle point of BF draw diagram of forces and find the forces when the tension at is 10 Β ε What is meant by simple harmonic motion Give illustrations What is the character of the motion indicated by the equation mr 0j taking θ as the polar coordinates of point in motion 10 When body moves about centre of force shew that equal areas are described in equal times and that the velocity varies inversely as the perpendicular from the centre of force upon the tangent
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