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FACULTY OF SCIENCE cxxix SECOND YEAR What is meant by the uhygrometric state of the air State how yon would determine it by dew-point hygro- meter and what data you would require for the calculation Define the term latent heat What is the latent heat of water in Centigrade β Fahrenheit units How could its value be found experimentally Describe an accurate method of finding the frequency of vibration of given tuning-fork metal rod feet long is clamped at its centre and rubbed longitudinally Describe its mode of vibration and if the velocity of sound in the metal be 10 800 feet per second what would be the pitch of the note emitted lens of inches focal length is placed inches from an object State how an image of the object can be seen ii where it will appear to be iii what will be its relative size compared with the object Describe method of measuring the refractive index of liquid for sodium light Explain the theory and use of Volta's condensing elec- troscope State the laws of electrolysis current of amperes was passed through solution of copper sulphate for 15 minutes and deposited 1Ί8 gram of copper Find from this the electro-chemical equivalent of copper and state how much oxygen was evolved at the anode during the experi- ment Atomic weight of Cu 635 of Ο 16 coil consisting of many turns of insulated wire has steady current flowing through it bar of soft iron is rapidly introduced into the interior of the coil What will be the effect on the iron β on the current Would either or both of those effects be continuous 10 Describe the construction of tangent galvanometer and show that the current strength is proportional to the tangent of the angle of deflection What would be the effect of doubling the magnetic moment of the needle
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