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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1893-1894-824

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Oil FACULTY OF ABTB "Mahomet was wise lawgiver fur he studied the character of his people Express this in correct syllogistic form dr Ϊ What would be the effect in the argument of inserting not into the first member of it How is it that when Μ is predicate in both premises the major premise must be universal proposition I" What two moods of hypothetical syllogism are in common use and what are the fallacies committed by tl misuse Ϊ Describe the kinds of scientific explanation What is the general object ol Mill's Canons of Indue- tion State the Method of Concomitant Variations with an illustration NORMAL Ε Γ Α Κ Τ Μ Ε Ν Τ Latin Grammar Decline in singular and plural Haec navis longa Arcus magnus iste Dominus 110 felix Give the gender and the genitive singular and plural of each of the following res-mare-lex-pes-nauta-inanue regna-dies Distinguish between iste hoc and ille Translate Mulieres aUae alia laudant Parse the italicised words Give the positive and comparative of diilicillinium optima nequissimus maximum pessiinus iiiiniinue Translate into Latin this horse is rather slow Translate into Latin fifteen men-every tenth man two hundred women-all the best soldiers Distinguish between primary and secondary tense Give the rule for the consecution of tenses in clauses ex pressing purpose
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