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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1891-1892-883

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SCHOOL ENTRANCE EXHIBITIONS CXCV Define superficies right angle rhombus parallel straight lines gnomon similar rectilineal figures pyramid From given point in given straight line draw straight line equal to the given straight line If one side of triangle be produced the exterior angle is greater than either of the interior opposite angles Define parallelogram Show that the diagonals of parallelogram bisect each other Describe parallelogram equal to given triangle and having one of its angles equal to given rectilineal angle Divide given straight line into two parts so that the rectangle contained by the whole and one part may be equal to the square on the other part If one circle touch another internally in any point the straight line which joins their centres being produced passes through the point of contact The opposite angles of any quadrilateral figure inscribed in circle are together equal to two right angles Inscribe circle in given triangle 10 Find mean proportional between two given straight lines 11 If Β CD be parallelogram and Ε any point in the diagonal AC or AC produced the triangles EBCy EDO are -equal 12 If two circles intersect the common chord produced bisects the common tangent VI -Stftgjmttfc Multiply £7 229 18s by 183 and divide the result by 61 Find the of 169058 and 591977 and of 10 13 15 18
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