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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1891-1892-877

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CLOTH WORKERS ×™ AND SAMBROOKE EXHIBITIONS clxxXlX VIII -JSntani Describe the structure and development of sporangium of fern Give the life history of Vaucheria What is secondary meristem Give examples Of what do tho following consist aleurone grains crystalloids-globoids In tap root which part longates Which absorbs material from the soil and how Give the structure function and development of lenticel Describe specimen Make floral diagram of StUiavt ILcctiuiS on Uanfwng State the necessary characteristics of true bill of ex- change and give examples of valid and invalid bills with res- pect to each of such characteristics State the law as to personal liability on bills or notes of persons executing them by virtue of representative capacity and give examples What is the effect of crossing cheque with the words Not negotiable Account payee Account Can the drawer of bill payable to or order make it not transferable and if so how State the nature incidents and effect of post-dated cheque Define general acceptance and qualified aceeptance What is the effect of drawer of bill inserting therein referee in case of need bill is drawn in England on man in Paris accepted generally there indorsed in England According to the law of which country must the rights of the holder against
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