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Clxxxvi CLOTHWORKERS AND SAMBROOKE EXHIBITIONS Describe method by means of which the maximum pressure of aqueous vapour at temperatures below 100 can be determined What use may be made of the results thus obtained Define latent heat Doas the latent heat of steam vary with the temperature at which evaporation takes place calorimeter the water equivalent of which is 98 grins contains 730 grms of water steam at 100CC is passed into the water the temperature of which rises from 15 to 20 If the weight of the condensed steam is grms find the latent heat of steam When damp air in the receiver of an air-pump is rapidly exhausted cloud or mist is formed Account for the pro- duct ion of the mist Part III -Light Sound and Electricity convex lens of inches focal length is placed in contact with second lens at distance of 18 inches from candle flame clear image of which is thrown on screen at distance of feet from the lenses What is the nature and focal length of the second lens How may the velocity of sound in air be determined by laboratory experiments State what apparatus would be required for this purpose Define the terms electrical potential density and '4unit quantity What circumstances affect the distribution of electricity on an insulated charged conductor Daniell's cell was connected with galvanometer of unknown resistance and resistance box and with 16 ohms in circuit gave deflection of 45 on increasing the resist- ance to 52 ohms the deflection fell to 25 Another cell substituted for the Daniell gave deflection of 45 with 22 ohms and 25 with 94 ohms in circuit What was the electromotive force of the second cell compared with the Daniell
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