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Clxxxiv CLOTH WORKERS' AND SAMBROOKE EXHIBITIONS the gravitation and the absolute method of measuring force mass of 50 lbs is projected across rough horizontal surface with an initial velocity of 100 ft per second the resistance from friction is equal to force of 10 lbs weight How far will the mass move before it is brought to rest Prove that the kinetic energy of moving body is correctly represented by mv2 where is the mass and ν the velocity mass of 64 lbs is moving with velocity of 16 ft per second calculate the number of foot-pounds of kinetic energy Through what vertical height would this energy suffice to raise the mass Show that with balance having unequal arms the true weight of substance where Ρ and are the apparent weights in the two scale-pans Find the ratio of the lengths of the arms The length of smooth inclined plane is 200 ft and its height 300 ft it is required to roll barrel weighing 200 lbs up the hill Compare the force which is sufficient for the purpose when applied parallel to the incline with that which is applied parallel to the base of the incline Find also the number of foot-pounds of work done in either case Three forces and acting at point are in equilibrium and any line meets their lines of action in 3It Ν prove that Ρ וי nr OL OM ON Two equal marbles and whose coefficient of elas- ticity is lie in smooth circular groove at opposite ends of diameter is projected along the groove and at the end of time t' impinges on Β show that second impact will occur at the end of Zt seconds If particle be tied by string to fixed point and move so as to describe horizontal circle show that the time of revolution is the same as the time of double swing of pendulum suspended from the same point and making small oscillations with its bob just reaching to the plane of the horizontal circle
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