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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1891-1892-863

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warnbford scholarships clxXV so extensive and he was in manner master of all Greece he sent them to Lacedaemon by Gylippus who had the chief command in Sicily Gylippus they tell us opened the bags at the bottom and took considerable sum out of each and then sewed them up again but he was not aware that in every bag there was note which gave account of the sum it contained As soon as he arrived at Sparta he hid the money he had taken out under the tiles of his house and then delivered the bags to the ephori with the seals entire They opened them and counted the money but found that the sums differed from the bills At this they were not little embarrassed till servant of Gylippus told them enigmatically that great number of owls roosted in the Ceramicus VIII -Criqononuti'j anil &rttl 111rtt'c Candidates for Warneford Scholarships and Sambroohe Exhibition omit Questions 1-5 State concisely the Trigonometrical uses of the signs and For what range of values of will tan be negative Prove that cot cosec 2A -f cot 2A ii sin 43 sin 17 cos 13 and find all the values of less than 90 such that ν tan cot If be the angles the opposite sides of any triangle prove that α β cos cos ii cos cos Β cos sin sin Β sin cot cot 2b and 111 --r -ך-ק -r י cot Β c21 αΔ lr vertical stick casts shadow of length from lamp upon horizontal plane The horizontal and vertical distances of the bottom of the stick from its shadow are and respectively If the stick subtend equal angles at the
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