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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1891-1892-855

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CARTER PlaZK elxvii formulae the relation existing between the members of the liferent groups of alums How many litres of air will be necessary to entirely oxidise 34 grammes of H2S into sulphuric acid 32 How is metallic mercury extracted from its chief ore Point out the principal differences between mercurous and mercuric compounds Carter pvtjc for ISotititg Describe the developmental processes which occur in the ovule and embryo of an Angiosperm from the first ap pearance of the nucellus to the time when the seed is ready to germinate Describe the structure of Dicotyledonous stem which is forty years old What is procambium how long does it exist and where is it found Give the life history of Vaucheria In the Angiosperm and in Pinus what are the homologucs of the sporangium antheridium antherozoid archegonium and oosphere of the Fern What are the characteristics of the natural order Cruci- ferae Write the floral formula for the same Describe the following forms of inflorescence raceme capitulum corymb helicoid cyme umbel spike panicle 11
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