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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1891-1892-853

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MEDICAL DEPARTMENT clxv III -iilatena iWetitca anfc erapcutics Describe the mode of preparation and the physical pro- perties of Ammonium Carbonate Enumerate its official pre- parations and state their actions and doses Give an account of Ergot including its nature source and composition its official preparations and its physiological actions Describe the preparation and physical properties of the following -Nitrate of Silver-Calomel-Sulphate of Zinc- Chloroform-Salicylic Acid Enumerate the pharmacopoeial compounds of Bismuth and their official preparations Give the doses and discuss the modes of action Describe in detail the physiological actions of Atropine IV -Cfjemistvp How have tartaric and malic acids been produced arti- ficially In what form is tartaric acid found in nature and how is it obtained on the large scale Describe the action of chlorine and of phosphorus pentachloride on aldehyde and on acetic acid What are the principal substances found in the decom- position of urea by heatr Illustrate the decompositions by equations What is meant by the term position isomerism ×™ Give instances of metamerism and polymerism Describe the action of ammonia on acetic and oxalic ethers JUNIOR SCHOLARSHIP -Snatomj Describe the astragulus Describe the interosseous membranes in the fore-arm and leg and specify the exact attachments of muscles to them
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