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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1891-1892-842

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cuv engineering department diameter 2J" so that the axes intersect at their centres and that of the latter is horizontal and parallel to the block of wood 38" square and 75" thick has square opening in its centre the thickness of the framework being 75 Represent it in plan and elevation when it is resting on one edge on the ground and so tilted back that its square faces are in planes making 72 with and 54 with What are road-pens section-pens slopes and batters right pyramid axis 7" has regular hexagon as its base each side of which is 37 Two sides of the base are parallel to us The pyramid is cut by plane that crosses the axis at its centre and that makes angles of 60 with the ground Shew in plan the resulting section Draw circle of 88" diameter and place in it ring of ten circles each in contact with those on either side of it and all tangential to the original circle Within the ring draw another circle that shall be tangential to all the circles composing it As this is especially intended to test neatness of work marks will not be given for careless working out 10 pentagonal prism of side has axis of 2" The prism is so placed that the side most distant from us is parallel with The prism is cut by plane making angle of 30 with the ground and passing through the centre of the axis Shew development of solid and mark upon envelope the line that would be made by the section 11 Draw scale representative fraction Ar to shew 50 By means of it draw figure ABCD AB being 18 long BO 22 AB 33 and CB 28 Angle ABC 110 Within this and having its sides parallel to it place similar figure having its shortest sides 12 long 12 Mark point Find point Β miles from and point due south-east from and miles from it Β and are miles apart Scale to the mile
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