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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1891-1892-840

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clii engineering department is behind the cylinder when viewed in elevation vertical plane parallel to xy passes through the farthest point to the left in plan of the cylinder Shew in elevation the resulting form of section made by this plane cylinder 2i" diameter has its axis vertical and 4J" long It penetrates sphere This latter has diameter of 3f" The centres of the sphere and of the axis of the cylinder are in the same horizontal plane from ground and apart The centre of the cylinder is nearer to us and more to our right than that of the sphere line joining the two centres would make angle of 60 with rectangular hollow framework square and made of wood £ thick is so placed that its rectangular faces are parallel to the ground while one of the diagonals receding from us towards the right makes an angle of 67 with the The lower face of the framework is 2J" from the Shew the shadow cast by the object upon the ground Within pentagon of 262 side place live equal circles each touching those adjacent and one side of the pentagon place second pentagon around the first having the centres of its sides tangential to the angles of the original figure Make square equal in area to the difference in area between the two pentagons 10 Two prisms having their ends hexagons of 1" side each rest on one of their rectangular faces their axes being parallel 2$" long and apart Resting equally upon these and at right angles to them is third and similar prism Represent these isometrically 11 prism 65 loug and having its ends equilateral triangles of 88" side rests on the ground on one of its rectangular faces similar prism leans against it at equal distances from either end of and makes an angle with the ground of 50 Represent these two figures when the triangular ends of Μ are parallel to the and when they are at 29 with In each case plane parallel to cuts through centre of axis of Give resulting sections in the two elevations
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