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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1891-1892-839

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engineering department cli Give good definition of mineral Why should stalactite be termed mineral body Under what influences have minerals been evolved Give examples Describe regular crystal and refer to its parts What are replacements What facts do the angular measurements of crystals teach Show that the idea of symmetrical planes leads up to the grouping of the crystallographic systems How many systems are in use Describe two of these 10 Refer to Naumann's symbols and explain how they are derived IX -instrumental Braining SECOND AND THIRD YEARS metre is represented on your paper by line long Construct scale giving decimetres centimetres and by diagonal method millimetres Below your scale draw line decimetres long and another 668 millimetres long Draw the right lines AB AC each 87 long and making angle Β AC 50 Find point 3£ from and 2£M from Draw the two circles that will pass through this point and be contained within Β AC Explain the nature construction and use of the Marquois scale and give one or more illustrations of how to employ it Within square having perimeter of 17 52 equal circles each to touch two others and one side of the Draw line 33 long Assuming it to be portion of scale of 10 what distance in yards feet and inches does it represent cylinder 3" long and having diameter of has its axis horizontal and making 45 with Its farthest point from us is the one most to our left Leaning against the centre of this cylinder is hexagonal prism long and having the hexagonal sides of its base 9" long The prism
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