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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1891-1892-838

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cl engineering department VIII -JMtncralogu ti eologn SECOND YEAR What facts arc required to bo known in order to determine the species of mineral Describe Quartz and mention few of its varieties Give brief account of Cassiterite Refer to three of the ores of Iron י Ρ Allude to the characteristics of Argentite native Gold Chalcopyrite and Malachite What are geological faults How have they been pro- duced Why are they not always apparent at the surface of the ground י Name the formations composing the Mesozoic series What fossils are common in the beds Give general summary of the Lias Mention any peculiarities visible in the Stonesfield Slate the Great Oolite and the Curnbrash 10 Trace the outcrops of the Oxford and Kimmeridge clays Where are they especially noticeable Add any re- marks which are suitable FIRST YEAR Into what divisions may the sedimentary rocks be divided Describe one of these Give brief account of the more important rocks which constitute the crust of the earth What are the chemical elements of granite Show that fossils are of service in identifying strata By what means have fossils been produced Name the chief geological periods in order of time and refer to their life-series Arrange in ascending position the terms Cretaceous Devonian Permian Silurian supply the remaining portions and add remarks bearing upon the subject
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