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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1891-1892-833

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engineering department cx1v following should be loaded as foundations rock moderately hard rock equal to good concrete chalk firm earth as hard clay and clean dry gravel What is the test of pile being sufficiently driven and the limit of safe load per inch of head area Describe Purbeck marble-from whence obtained where and for what used and any objections to its use From whence are obtained Carrara and Ravaccione marbles Describe how you would distinguish each and give one well-known example of the use of each How would you detect the quality of slate and state to what defects they are liable also from where the best qu ilities are obtained Give the size and mimes of at least of the 13 varieties of slates Give sketches of the proportions adopted for the door of the Cancellaria Palace by Vignola and that of Somerset House by Chambers and mark on the proportions What rule is given by Gwilt as to the proportion of window opening to the area of room 10 In proportioning classic facade what is the proportion of the supports to the weight to be carried Give an illus- ration 11 Describe the principal characteristics of Assyrian architecture 12 Give "names and sketches of some of the principal Roman moldings 13 Describe bond as applied to brickwork and illustrate by sketches of an 18 in wall English and Flemish bond 14 Give sketches of methods you would adopt to keep basement dry 15 What is the composition of brick clay and in what way does its variation affect the quality and colour of the brick 16 Give an account of the various forms of stone walling in use with sketches to illustrate at least varieties 17 Give sketch of double framed floor and state what are the advantages and disadvantages in its use
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