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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1891-1892-830

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cxlii ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT stone is thrown into the air at an angle of 45 to the horizon with velocity of 128 ft per second Find the greatest height reached the time of flight and the range What is an absolute unit Specify the absolute units of force momentum and work belonging to the foot-second pound system to the system body has momentum expressed by 10 in the former of the two systems by what number will it be expressed in the latter system Assume inch 54 cm and lb 454 gm Two scale-pans each weighing oz are suspended by weightless string over smooth pulley mass of oz is placed in one and oz in the other find the acceleration the tension of the string and the pressure on each pan State the principle of Conservation of Energy Prove that the kinetic energy of moving body is represented by the expression £2ע1מ where is the mass and ν is the velocity Calculate the number of foot-pounds in the kinetic energy of tram-car weighing tons when it is moving at the rate of miles an hour and is laden with 30 passengers averaging 11 stones each in weight Enunciate and prove the theorem known as "The Triangle of Forces Apply this theorem to find the relation between Power and Weight in the case of smooth inclined plane when the Power acts parallel to the plane when it acts parallel to the base of the plane Three movable pullies and one fixed one are arranged according to the first system and weight of 66 lbs is found to be balanced by Power of 10 lbs The weights of the pullies are all equal what is the weight of each Assuming the above pullies to be arranged according to the third system what weight will now be balanced by the Power of 10 lbs uniform beam feet long rests with one end against smooth vertical wall the other on smooth horizontal plane and is prevented from slipping by horizontal force applied at that end equal to the weight of the beam and by weight equal to the weight of the beam suspended from certain point of the beam find the distance of this point
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