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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1891-1892-829

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ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT cxli action of any number of forces in one plane and give the con- ditions to which these reduce when the forces are three in number An uniform rod Α Β weighs 120 lbs and can turn freely about its extremity If it is supported by string AC to point in the same horizontal line as find the tension of the string supposing its length feet while the length of the rod is 10 feet and the distance BO feet If force keep body of mass rotating with an angular velocity about an axis and at distance from it prove the formula mw2r Give general explanation of the necessity for difference of level between two rails when train is required to run round curve weight of lbs is attached to the end of string feet in length and the string is whirled round vertical axis until its inclination makes with the vertical an angle of 30 find the number of revolutions per second 10 What is meant by moment of inertia Find the moment of inertia of plane circular lamina about an axis through its centre perpendicular to its own plane Prove that its moment of inertia about this axis is double the moment of inertia about diameter of the circular lamina FIRST YEAR Prove that ut hft2 where is the initial velocity and the acceleration body moves for seconds with uniform acceleration of 10 foot-second units the distance traversed is 000 ft Determine the value of the initial velocity If body is projected upwards with velocity of 120 ft per second what is the greatest height to which it will rise and at what times will it be moving upwards down- ן wards with velocity of 40 feet per second
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