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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1891-1892-828

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cxl engineering department zontal force of 18 cwt is attached to six trucks each of 10 tons weight while the weight of the engine itself is 30 tons Supposing the train running on horizontal railroad find the distance traversed from rest after minute the coefficient of friction between the rails and wheels being 003 An uniform wall is 20 feet high and 18 inches thick Find the lenst specific gravity possible in order that the wall may not be overthrown when it sustains the pressure of water which just reaches to the level of its top Shew that when body rests on horizontal plane the smallest force that will bring it into the state bordering on motion will act in direction inclined upwards from the horizon at an angle equal to the limiting angle of friction An equilateral triangle revolves round an axis parallel to the base the vertex of the triangle being between the axis and the base the base is inches long and the distance from the vertex to the axis is 12 inches find the volume of the ring traced out by the triangle An inclined plane ABC is being driven in between fixed block and block Ε which moves between guides Find the relation between the power at the back of the inclined plane and the resistance offered by taking into account only the friction on the inclined face AC State the conditions of equilibrium of body under the
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