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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1891-1892-827

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engineering department cxxxix Find the greatest height over which liquid of density can be carried by means of siphon when the height of the barometer is 301 inches the specific gravity of mer- cury being taken as 13 Describe any form of air pump and show how to find the density of the air in the receiver after any number of strokes Tf the pressure in the receiver of an air pump were re- duced to of the atmospheric pressure in strokes to what would it be reduced in strokes Describe forcing plunp The diameter of the piston of forcing pump is 18 inches the piston makes stroke of feet how many strokes must be made per minute in order that tons of water may be discharged per hour 10 Give short description of diving bell cylindrical diving bell 12 feet high and square feet in cross section is lowered until its roof is 40 feet below the level of the water find to what height the water rises within the diving bell the height of the water barometer being 33 feet IV -JWfcftamcS SECOND AND THIRD YEARS What is meant by the modulus of machine The diameter of the cylinder of an engine is 60 inches and the piston makes 12 strokes of 11 feet per minute If it can raise 500 cubic feet of water from depth of 256 feet in one minute find the modulus of the machine spring balance is attached to an ascending balloon and it is observed that weight of kilogrammes produces the same deflexion as weight of 11 kilogrammes when the balance is at rest Find how far the balloon ascends in minute from the start supposing it to start from rest State the laws of friction An engine exerting hori-
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