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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1891-1892-826

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Cxxxviii engineering department piece of glass weighs 47 grains in air 22 grains in water and 25 grains in alcohol find the specific gravity of the alcohol Define fluid and state how the intensity of fluid pressure is measured Explain the phenomenon known as the Hydrostatic Paradox 7' Two cylinders whose diameters are as 13 are filled with water and connected by tube In the smaller cylinder is tightly fitting piston which is pressed down with force of 18 lbs What weight resting on piston in the larger cylinder would this pressure raise What is meant by the whole pressure on surface immersed in liquid and state how it is found sphere feet in diameter is immersed in water with its centre feet below the surface of the liquid find the whole pressure on the surface of the sphere State the conditions of equilibrium of floating body vertical cylinder of density 68 floats in two liquids the upper liquid being of density and the density of the the lower if the length of the cylinder be twice the depth of the upper liquid find the position of rest How would you determine the specilic gravity of solid by means of Nicholson's hydrometer Nicholson's hydrometer when placed in the first of two liquids has to be loaded with two grammes in the upper pan in order to sink it to the fixed mark but with 10 grammes if placed in the second liquid the specilic gravity of which is double that of tli3 first find the weight of the hydrometer itself Explain the phenomenon of the vena contracta and state the theorem known as Torrioelli's Theorem How deep must the aperture of the longer leg of siphon which has section of square centimetres be below the surface of the water in order that 25 litres may flow out in minute Describe any instrument for measuring pressures con- siderably greater than that of the atmosphere
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