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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1891-1892-825

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engineering department cxxxv11 so which Would auv other substance transmit more than the glass Define the conditions under which interference of two sets of sound waves will result Mention an experiment that would fulfil these conditions How may thin steel bar be magnetised How would you test if it be magnet What changes do you consider are occurring during its magnetisation What is the polarisation ×™ of voltaic cell Explain fully the means by which polarisation can be prevented State the law relating to the production of heat in circuit traversed by current If current of amperes passes through resistance of ohms calculate the heat developed in one minute Describe the action of current on suspended mag- netic needle How may this action be utilised in the construction of galvanometer for measuring currents of moderate strength What is meant by the constant ×™ of galvanometer When coil of wire is rotated about vertical horizontal axis currents are generated in the revolving coil Explain their production and state whether they will be stronger in case or in the latitude of London 10 State the different methods that have been employed for producing magnetic field in dynamo-machines What would be the effect of running such differently constructed dynamos on very high very low external resistance FIRST YEAR Define specific gravity and establish formula for finding the specific gravity of combination of substances the weights and specific gravities of which are given
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