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XC1V GENERAL LITERATURE DEPARTMENT Give general account of the subject aud purpose of the 40th and subsequent chapters Explain the words The grass withereth the flower fadeth but the word of our God shall stand for ever How are they quoted and applied in the New Testament Show how they are illustrated by Jewish history Quote and explain some of the descriptions of the Divine nature and character in these chapters How are they enforced and illustrated by the discoveries of natural science Give an account of the prophecies in these chapters respecting the Servant of the Lord Explain their appliea- tion to the Jewish people to our Lord Jesus Christ 10 Explain the words 'Pie shall not fail nor be dis- CO 11 raged till he have set judgment in the earth and the isles shall wait for his law 11 Give general account of the prophecies respecting Cyrus and explain the importance of the events to which they refer 12 What are the main principles of Divine government enforced by these prophecies II Cije o$pel according to £ Uflarfe Translate with short notes Ετι αύτου λαλουντος έρχονται ά7το τον άρχισυν αγωγού γοντες "Οτ ιη θυγάτηρ σον απέθανε" τί ετι σκυλλεις τον διδασ καλοί Ό 86 Ίησους ευθέως άκουσας τον λόγον λάλου- μένων λέγει τω άρχισυναγώγω Mr φόβου μόνον πίστευε Και ουκ άφηκεν ού$ένα αυτω συνακολουθησαι ει μη ΐίετρον και Ίάκωβον και ίωάννην τον ά&ελφον Ιακώβου Και ερ- χεται είς τον οίκον του άρχισυν αγωγού και θεωρεί θορυβον κλαίοντας και άλαλά£οιτα9 7τολλά Και είσελθών λέγει αυ- τοις Τι θορυβείσθε και κλαίετε το παώίον ουκ άπεθανεν αλλά κα υδ6ι Και κατεγελων αυτού Ο δε εκβαλών απαντάς παραλαμβάνει τον πάτερα του παιδιού και την μη
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