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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1891-1892-424

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418 evening classes lysis of Water-Reducing Action-Synthesis of Water- Quantitative Composition of Water by weight and by volume -Relation of Density of Elements in the gaseous state to their atomic weights-Nascent state of Gases Oxygen -Occurrence in the Atmosphere-Natural Phe- nomena dependent upon Atmospheric Oxygen-Combustion -Allotropy-Ozone-Water in the solid liquid and gaseous states-Composition and Properties of Natural Waters -Hardness-Specific and Latent Heat-Hydrates-Hydro- gen Peroxide-Oxides-Solution-Precipitation-Filtration- Distillation Nitrogen -Occurrence in the Atmosphere-Properties of Atmospheric Nitrogen-Ammonia-Dissociation and Syn- thesis-Ammonium theory-Ammonium Salts-Chlorides and Iodides of Nitrogen-Oxides of Nitrogen-Nitric and Nitrous Acids-Nitrites and Nitrates Carbon -Graphite and Diamond-Lignite -Coal Animal and Vegetable Charcoal-Lampblack-Coke-Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide-Ventilation-Marsh Gas- defiant Gas Acetylene Preparation Purification and Composition of Coal Gas-Structure of Flame-Carbon Disul- phide Chlorine Bromine and Iodine -Their Compounds with Hydrogen and Oxygen-Bleaching and Disinfecting Actions-Photographic Action-Gradation of Properties in Elements belonging to Natural Groups Fluorine -Hydro-fluoric Acid and Silicon Tetra-flnoride Glass Etching Sulphur -Allotropic varieties Hydrogen Sulphide- Sulpiiur Dioxide and Trioxide-Sulphurous and Sulphuric Acids-Sulphites and Sulphates-Thiosulphates Selenium Tellurium Phosphorus Arsenic -Their compounds with Hydrogen Chlorine Oxygen and Sulphur-Hydrates of Phosphoric Acids-Phosphates Boron -Boracic Acid-Borax
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